Thursday, July 20, 2017

Professional Stump Grinding | Arlington, Washington

There are several great reasons why people with unwanted tree stumps hire Brad's Stump & Tree Service for stump grinding in Western Washington.

 #1. The stump is too large to dig out.
 #2. It takes too much time to cut and dig out the stump.
#3. Stump removal requires equipment the average homeowner doesn’t have, like a large bladed chainsaw or an expensive machine.
#4. It takes a lot of physical work.  Even cutting down and digging out a small stump is a physically taxing job. 

If any of those reasons are holding you back from removing an unwanted stump from your yard, it is time to give Brad a call today for a free, no obligation quote.  Our professional crew can grind your stump below grade level in a matter of hours, depending on the stump size.  You don't even have to be onsite!  We understand you are busy and we want to help.  Give us a call today at 425-350-6893 and let us take care of that stump project on your to-do list!


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  2. Inspirational and knowledgeable topic I have ever read. If a large stump of a tree in your garden simple way hire someone who can professionally kill or grinding tree , don't try to add diesel or oil it'll make it decompose, but it won't go away... I have tried almost every single thing and it only worked when I've had someone to remove it.

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  4. Our licensed professionals have the experience and equipment needed to grind your stump down, leaving no traces behind.

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