Thursday, June 11, 2015

Professional Stump Grinding Services | Arlington, Washington

Have you ever had a tree removed or had one fall on its own and been left with an unwanted stump? Not all landscape and tree service companies have the necessary equipment to remove stumps. Brad's Stump & Tree Service does! We can grind your stumps, large or small, quickly and at an affordable cost.

Some homeowners make the mistake of attempting to remove stumps themselves, thinking it will be a quick DIY project. Think again. After a few long days of digging, chopping and sawing away at the stump, most folks realize that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew and they call in the professionals. Your time is valuable, so leave this labor intensive, dirty and potentially dangerous job to us!

Don’t waste your weekend chipping away at that old stump. Improve your landscaping and your curb appeal by having Brad's Stump & Tree Service remove that eyesore of a stump for you. Call us at 425-350-6893 and schedule a free stump grinding estimate today. You will be happy with the finished results and the time you saved!